Family Dentistry

Family dentistry in Oklahoma City Smile makeover in Oklahoma City. 23rd Street Dental. Invisalign, Implants, Extractions in OK 73107. Se habla español. Call:405-963-2050

Family Dentistry

Our dental clinic, 23rd Street Dental, is there for all patients looking for exceptional dental care for every family member. Our practice is led by the skilled and compassionate Dr. David Allen, Dr. Clinton Hyatt, and their excellent team. At 23rd Street Dental, we believe that healthy smiles are a family affair and are devoted to ensuring each visit is as comfortable and efficient as possible. With family dentistry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, your entire family can get the best care they deserve with our dental team.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is a branch of dental practice that addresses oral health at every stage of life. Unlike general dentistry, which typically caters to adults, family dentistry encompasses broader dental care tailored to children, adults, and seniors. Our family dentists, Dr. Allen and Dr. Hyatt, are trained to handle various dental issues, from early childhood cavities to advanced restorative care for older adults, ensuring that all family members receive personalized treatment suited to their unique needs.

Family dentistry in Oklahoma City Smile makeover in Oklahoma City. 23rd Street Dental. Invisalign, Implants, Extractions in OK 73107. Se habla español. Call:405-963-2050
Why is Family Dentistry Important?

Family dentistry is crucial in maintaining oral health and overall well-being within a family unit. By providing comprehensive dental care for individuals of all ages, family dentists ensure that each family member receives the attention and treatment they need to prevent dental issues and address any existing concerns. Regular check-ups and cleanings promote good oral hygiene and allow your dentist to detect potential problems early, reducing the risk of more severe issues.

Moreover, family dentistry fosters a sense of trust and familiarity, making dental visits more comfortable for both children and adults. Beyond addressing dental issues, Dr. Allen and Dr. Hyatt often educate patients on proper oral care practices, empowering families to take control of their dental health and establish lifelong habits. Ultimately, prioritizing family dentistry and oral health preserves beautiful smiles and contributes to overall health and quality of life for the entire family.

Family Dentistry Services We Offer

At 23rd Street Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of your entire family:

  • Routine Check-ups and Cleanings: Regular dental exams and cleanings are the foundation of good oral health. Our team ensures that each family member receives thorough, personalized care.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: We provide a welcoming environment for our youngest patients, offering gentle care and education to help them develop healthy dental habits early on.
  • Orthodontics: We proudly offer orthodontic solutions like Invisalign for patients looking to straighten their smiles discreetly.
  • Restorative Dentistry: From fillings and crowns to dental implants and dentures, we provide restorative treatments to repair and replace damaged or missing teeth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Our cosmetic services enhance your smile, including teeth whitening and dental veneers.
  • Emergency Dentistry: Dental emergencies can happen at any time. We offer prompt care to address urgent dental issues and alleviate pain.

Benefits of Family Dentistry for the Whole Family

  1. Streamlined Appointments: Scheduling appointments for the entire family on the same day streamlines your dental care process, reducing the need for multiple trips to the dentist.
  2. Consistent Care: Family dentistry ensures that your family receives consistent care from a team that understands their unique dental history and needs.
  3. Early Detection of Issues: Regular visits to a family dentist ensure that potential dental problems are detected and treated early, preventing more severe issues later on.
  4. Comfortable Environment: A familiar dental practice creates a relaxed environment for children and adults alike, reducing anxiety and building positive dental experiences.
  5. Health Education: Dr. Allen and Dr. Hyatt provide ongoing education on maintaining oral health, including brushing and flossing techniques, dietary advice, and regular dental visits.

Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City, OK

At 23rd Street Dental, we are committed to providing top-notch dental care for your entire family. Dr. David Allen, Dr. Clinton Hyatt, and our dedicated team are here to ensure that each visit is a positive experience, keeping your family’s smiles healthy and bright. If you’re looking for a reliable and caring family dentist in Oklahoma City, look no further than 23rd Street Dental.

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